About CourseNotes

CourseNotes was created by Dear Panda LLC and helps students take, organize and share class notes and materials. Now on it's second major release, CourseNotes for the iPad is shifting from a simple note-taking app to a must-have classroom tool.

About Dear Panda LLC

Dear Panda is a project of Jon Klein and Matt McMillan. With the needs of students in mind, Dear Panda aims to build tools that enable learning and collaboration using mobile and web technologies.


For press or other general inquiries, please mail support@coursenotesapp.com or use our contact form.

The music in the CourseNotes demo video was written and preformed by Henri Penttinen (http://www.musiikkisirkus.fi).

Some of the icons used in the CourseNotes app were created by Joseph Wain at glyphish.com.