CourseNotes Update Adds Rich Text Formatting and Dropbox Support

Posted: August 24th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: CourseNotes App, iPad, Mac | 1 Comment »

We’re happy to announce that CourseNotes 3.0 for iPad and CourseNotes 2.0 for Mac are now available! The updates add some highly requested features and we’re thrilled to have them just in time for the fall semester!

Here’s a breakdown of what’s been added:

Rich Text Editing
Take notes to a whole new level by changing font sizes, bolding, italicizing and underling text throughout your notes! The addition of rich text formatting in the latest version of CourseNotes will change the way you study, organize and share your notes! Rich text formatting is available in both Mac and iPad versions, which means your notes will retain your custom formatting even when syncing!

Dropbox Support
CourseNotes for iPad now supports Dropbox! Adding the ability to export notes via Dropbox gives you even more options and flexibility when it comes to backing up and sharing your notes online.

Fullscreen Notes in Mac OS X Lion
CourseNotes 2.0 on the Mac also adds support for fullscreen mode in Mac OS X Lion. Fullscreen mode is a natural fit for CourseNotes, which is designed and optimized for a single window interface, much like CourseNotes for the iPad. Fullscreen mode lets you fully focus on note-taking, which is especially useful in a classroom setting.


CourseNotes 3.0 for iPad now available in the iPad App Store for $4.99!

CourseNotes 2.0 for Mac now available in the Mac App Store for $7.99!

CourseNotes now available for the Mac!

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We are excited to announce that CourseNotes for Mac has officially been released and is available for download in the Mac App Store!  The app is available in the Education category and is currently being featured in the “New and Noteworthy” section!

Like the iPad app, CourseNotes for Mac will help you stay organized by arranging notes by subject and note session, letting you quickly find notes from a particular class meeting.  The ability to search notes made it’s way into the Mac app as well, but the Mac app adds to it with a new “saved search” feature. In this feature search terms are added to a list for quick reference, which makes finding commonly referenced content quick and easy. Rounding out the Mac app is the new unified ToDo list.  The list displays all upcoming and past due ToDo items, letting you track all of your important dates, events and deadlines in one simplified view.

But, there is one more thing! The best feature found in the new Mac app is the note syncing capabilities. Now you can sync data from your iPad directly to your Mac.  CourseNotes supports wireless syncing between Macs and iPads so that that you can take notes on the go with the iPad, then sync up with CourseNotes for Mac at home for editing, review, printing and backup.  Give it a try!

Check it out in the Mac App Store!