Introducing CourseNotes 2.0

Posted: August 31st, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: CourseNotes App, EdTech | Comments Off on Introducing CourseNotes 2.0

It’s been quite a while in the making, but today we’re proud to introduce the release of CourseNotes 2.0.  Here’s a quick video showing off some of the new features:


I could tell you all about the new features here, but I’d rather take a step back and take about what CourseNotes is and where it’s going.  We’ve said from the very beginning–back in version 1.0, which came out the day the iPad was released–that CourseNotes would be more than just a note-taking app.  To be sure, note-taking is the core starting point for the app, but we believe there’s a much greater potential for the iPad in education.

This release marks an important point for us and for the app, as we’re introducing a number of features which truly take the app beyond note-taking, and starts to enter the realm of a more versatile educational tool.  We think that the new collaborative features and the in-app educational content will be genuinely useful to students.

We know we have a long way to go.  The features added in this release are just the beginning, but it’s nice to stop and look at where the app started and where we are now.  We want to thank all of the users of the app who’ve sent us their feedback, and hope you’ll around and see what comes next!