CourseNotes 2.1: Printing, Calendar syncing & multitasking on iOS 4.2

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We’re happy to announce the release of CourseNotes 2.1 for the iPad, a release which takes full advantage of a number of new features available in iOS 4.2!  We’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of iOS 4.2 and the new functionality it would bring to the iPad ever since it was announced.

Here’s what CourseNotes 2.1 adds:

• Printing

It’s finally possible to print over the air from the iPad, and CourseNotes is among the first apps to support this feature!  Choose a printer on your local network and print your CourseNotes notes right over the air!

• Calendar integration for ToDo notes

Now when you add a ToDo note, you can choose to sync it as an event to your iPad’s calendar.  Assignments and other ToDos will show up in your calendar with your title and note content, set to the due date you specify in the note.  And with the help of other tools that can sync with your iPad’s calendar, you can publish events to an online calendar right from CourseNotes!

• Multitasking

What does multitasking mean for a note-taking app–can it keep taking notes while you do something else?  Not quite, but it does mean that when you switch to another app, CourseNotes will remember which subject or note session you were looking at when you come back.  So if you need to switch to another app to look something up, CourseNotes will pick up right where you left when you come back.

CourseNotes 2.1 is available now in the iPad App Store for $4.99.

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