How is the iPad changing how you study this fall?

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Now that most schools have been back in session for a bit, and students have gotten a chance to start begin using some new tools in the classroom, we thought we’d ask our users: how is the iPad changing how you study this fall?

What other iPad/iPhone apps are you using?  There’s more to school than just note taking, of course.  We’ve seen a lot of interesting apps out there for students: Blackboard Mobile Learning for interfacing with your schools Blackboard system (if supported by your school, of course); iStudiez Pro for scheduling and keeping track of classwork; Flashcards Deluxe for making flashcards and reviewing notes; and maybe Yelp for discovering the best places around a new campus!

How about eTextbooks?  This is one area where it might still be a little early for widespread adoption.  There are a number of cool app and online offerings in the eTextbooks arena (for example Inkling for the iPad) but it feels like a lot of them are still in the early stages, and may not be able to offer the selection that students will need to fully replace physical books.  We’re betting that eTextbooks will go more mainstream next school year.

Leave a comment below and let us know how the iPad is changing school for you this year!

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