CourseNotes for iPad

Spotlight: CourseNotes for iPad

Wirelessly sync notes with your Mac

With CourseNotes for Mac you can now wirelessly sync all of your notes, sketches and TODOs from your iPad directly to your Mac.

Sync you iPad notes with your Mac

Sketch diagrams and import photos

Use your iPad as sketch board and doodle, draw charts, diagrams and symbols! You can even import a photo to draw on!

Sketch notes and import pictures!

Track assignments with your iPad calendar

Take advantage of the alarms and notification system built into your iPad. You can add all of your important TODOs directly to your iPad calendar so you'll never miss an assignment!

Track your assignments with your iPad calendar
  • Organize your notes into multiple subjects and note sessions.
  • Print notes over-the-air via AirPrint
  • Share notes online and view your friends' notes right in the app, or export notes via email.
  • Define new terms and build a lexicon of definitions for each subject.